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About ASEiD

The Association of  Science Educators in Dentistry (ASEiD), formerly the Association of Basic Science Teachers in Dentistry (ABSTD), is a professional association  dedicated to the teaching of basic sciences in dentistry.

Basic and applied biomedical sciences underpin the entire practice of dentistry and without core understanding of them dentistry would be a technology rather than a profession. Increasingly, biomedical discoveries are changing the way doctors and dentists perceive, diagnose, treat and prevent disease. So, in addition to the core disciplines traditionally taught in dental programmes, today’s dental students must be familiar with issues in contemporary bioscience and their application to clinical practice.

The Association provides a forum for those interested in the provision of basic science education to dental students to meet, and a forum for the exchange of ideas. It facilitates the development of curricula development nationally and internationally.

From its origins in the UK in the late 1970s it has grown to become a European and increasingly a global organisation. In recent years it has held meetings in London, Bucharest, Antalya, Madrid and Dublin and has sponsored special interest groups at the Association for Dental Education in Europe meetings in Birmingham and Riga.

The Association welcomes applications for membership from clinicians, basic scientists and others interested in the role and delivery of basic science education in the dental curriculum.

The ASEiD is governed by a committee that meets throughout the year to take the objectives of the association forward.

If you have any questions or queries not answered on this website, please get in touch.