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Committee Members

  • Prof. Mark Hector (Dundee) (m.p.hector@dundee.ac.uk)
Immediate Past-President
  • Dr. Jon Bennett (Plymouth) (jon.bennett@plymouth.ac.uk)
Hon Secretary/Treasurer
  • Prof.  Paul Anderson (QMWL – London) (p.anderson@qmul.ac.uk)
Hon Membership Secretary
  • Prof. Marcello Riggio (Glasgow) (marcello.riggio@glasgow.ac.uk)
  • Dr. Louise Belfield (Plymouth)  (louise.belfield@plymouth.ac.uk)
  • Prof. Alastair Sloan (Cardiff) (sloanaj@cardiff.ac.uk)
  • Dr. Ben Scheven (Birmingham) (b.a.scheven@bham.ac.uk)
  • Dr. Jeffrey O’Sullivan (Dublin) (josulli@tcd.ie)
  • Dr. Henk Brand (ACTA Amsterdam) (h.brand@acta.nl)
  • Dr. Chris Nile (Glasgow) (Christopher.Nile@glasgow.ac.uk)
  • Prof. Jaya Jayasinghe (Aberdeen) (jap.jayasinghe@abdn.ac.uk)
  • Dr. Ziad Al-Ani  (Glasgow) (Ziad.Al-Ani@glasgow.ac.uk)
  • Dr. Elena Martinez Sanz (Madrid) (elemarsanz@hotmail.com)
Co-opted members 

There are currently no co-opted members of the ABSTD Committee