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Signs of life?

This week I ran:
Mon – eastern avenue

Sat – extended Hopwas (16miles)

Week before:

Mon- eastern avenue

Wed – club session 10 X 800 (plus there and back). Felt very strong!

Sat – Hopwas (13.5miles)
I’m slowly getting back into running although still sometimes feel right ankle (tendon) so i don’t want to push it too much. Maybe build to 40 miles per week and see where I’m at.

The pain is not really during the run but sometimes there is a twinge when waking up or walking the day after a run (especially Sunday after Hopwas on Saturday).

I’m planking, squats and doing asymmetrical push ups to build core and strength. Need to keep motivated.

Sorry, this blog is a bit rushed!

Birmingham 2014

ABSTD Birmingham 2014

Join Us

Membership of the Association is open to all of those interested in basic science teaching and education in relation to dentistry.  This includes undergraduate and post graduate education, all members of the dental and education team, and of course those involved in the administration of this. Although the Association was originally set up within the United Kingdom, subsequently it expanded to include European dimensions, and more recently it has become global. Accordingly, membership is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

We look forward to welcoming new members to ASEID.


Please find below the programmes of future/past ABSTD meetings:

  • Riga 2014