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Public Documents


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  1. Text of Introductory E Mail sent to Participants in the Special Interest Group (SIG) ‘Biomedical Sciences in Dentistry: Developing a Contemporary Core Curriculum’ (ADEE, Barcelona – August 2016)
  2. A Core Curriculum in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences for Dentistry (ADEE, Barcelona – August 2016)
  3. The New Biology; bridging the gap with the dental curriculum – MEETING REPORT (ADEE – Lyon 30 Aug 2012)
  4. The Contribution of Basic Sciences to Postgraduate Programmes (Dr Chris Louca, ABSTD Spring Meeting – April 2012)
  5. DF1 Training Year_can the basic sciences help? (Dr Amit Rai, ABSTD Spring Meeting, April 2012)
  6. Transfer of Scientific Knowledge into the Dental Curriculum (Presentation by  Prof. Charles Shuler DMD PhD,  Dean and Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia, ADEE Antalya, Turkey, September 8, 2011)
  7. The La Cascada Declaration ( A document, prepared by six distinguished Emeritus Professors of Dentistry from across the globe outlining the major challenges now facing Dentistry. Whilst recognising that it represents the views of a few individuals, it forcefully articulates opinions that many of us share. With the agreement of the authors we have posted the text of this document so that it may provoke discussion and debate, within ABSTD, in our Dental Schools and the wider community). – NEW